MIles From Safe.


So I have way too much processing to finish, and way too many rad things to blog about.
But I'm avoiding all of that for a minute - for the second time today.  The first being the hour I took this afternoon to charge the battery, do a little backyard carb tweaking, and take a few laps on the CB350 project.  Heidi snapped a few shots off... "you know, for the blog".
She's miles from being safe, but she finally fired up and ran.
And yes, tool snobs... that's a Stanley screwdriver in my mouth.  My hobbies already cost too much - I definitely can't afford a Snap-On addiction on top of it all.

To all my clients waiting on shit:  it's coming.  But I need a few minutes like this every day.  Otherwise I might charge into your offices, bitch-slap your secretaries and call you foul names.  And that's not good for anyone, now is it?


Nigel said...

Riding with a screwdriver in your teeth, is that like running with scissors?

Dillon Thompson said...

You are the neo american. Nothin but amo and horse power in your church.

ben-day-ho said...

that thing looks cool as fuck!!! bring it on by milo when you finish her up!!

grant said...

I love CB350s! There's nothing like riding a slow bike fast...even though they are kinda fast! Got 3 of them in the gay-rodge.