So Jac and I are back from The Burgh.
Great place, super-friendly people.
If you ever find yourself there on a Sunday night, definitely hit The Brillobox for a tasty vegan dinner.  You'll be amazed at the paradoxes... don't be surprised if a couple deer hunters, fresh off the trail, are eating right next to you while the YouTube DJ plays the latest in hipster video on the back wall.
Here's a few snappers from the trip...

This was one of the streets we shot on in McKeesport... apparently this street has seen 6 murders so far in 2008.  Needless to say, our client's security systems were selling like hotcakes in this neighborhood.

If you're ever shooting in Pittsburgh, hire this man.
Somehow, despite it's size, Pittsburgh has absolutely no photo rental houses.  Enter Mr. Alex R. Jones, our savior on this trip... we rented him and his equipment for a couple days.  Jac lost a bet on this guy --- when we met him for breakfast, I told Jac that I knew this guy was the type of dude who had a shiny, nickle-plated, fuck-off Smith and Wesson .45 revolver... I was right.  Alex is a certified bad-ass.

Cory in the top floor of Mr. Jones' studio space.  Unfortunately, we didn't use it because nothing on our shot list really fit the vibe.  Our loss, for sure.


All systems fail.

The experiment seems to be failing thus far.  

But I'll try better.  Maybe.

Jac and I take off tomorrow on our whirlwind tour to places we've never been.  In a matter of hours, we'll be jettin' off for an all-expenses-paid vacation (work) in the luxurious, all-inclusive Motel 6 resort and casino in exotic  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  

I look forward to meeting some Yinzers.

In the meantime, here's a reason I like it better in Utah.


The Mark Of The Beast.

Well, shit.

Now I've gone and done it, haven't I?
This is my official, inaugural first foray into the world of "The Blog".

We'll see how this experiment goes.