Merry Christmas. The fog is neat. Blandscapes, comin' down the mountain.


Over the past week, Harley Davidson's Dark Customs division has been dropping mini-galleries including intakes and outtakes from my upcoming books, focused on the transient life of riding motorcycles with my beautiful friends. Check the first batch out here, here and here.


An 8 minute jam for smokes just turned into a 2 hour solo exploration of the mountains above my house. It's fucking beautiful out today.


Dear Hip Art Directors: Please stop showing me Vans that I haven't seen before. My chick thanks you in advance. OTW, FTW.
From the archives: Corey and Ashley, in my bed.


Hanger, paperclip, bars, stars and stripes in the shadow of a Heidelberg.


Staci, Steal A Ride. Working on a collaborative photo/moto installation with some friends for Tyler's house. More later.


"...we've done it before and we can do it some more..." Fashion Week, SS/11. Final edit. Get into it.


Riding season's winding down; building season's rapidly approaching.


I've been waitin' for it... Justin and Pierre's new flick CHEERS is finally on the shelves. Check it out for some of the best shred from some good friends of mine. And, if it helps, I shot the DVD covers... so there's that, too. More about all of it here. And check out The People Crew's site to find the premier closest to you... get there. And buy it, for real, hard copy steez... not on iTunes.


A quick thanks to my friends at COMUNE, VOLCOM and ANON for dressing me during NYC Fashion Week. Looking the part definitely made the job go smoother... thanks, gentlemen.

Mac & Milk Fashion Week, SS11

Took a few off after 12 sleepless days in NYC, shooting Mac & Milk fashion week. Now I'm back. Scope the highlights, and keep your eyes peeled for the final video, including a mini Audi ad we shot in 5 hours with zero budget. Gonna be banger.


Final day, highlights.

Day 5, highlights.

Day 4, highlights.

Day 3, highlights.

Day 2, highlights.

Day 1, b-roll highlights.



Seth, French.

French snow/skate/art/radness magazine Desillusion just released issue 24, featuring a quick interview with my homie, Seth. I provided photos from a recent jam. Added bonus --- Corey Smith has an article in there, too. It's always rad to find out I'm sharing space with creators I respect. If you're in France, check it out. Otherwise, I can't tell you where to find it.
(Sorry for the small screengrabs from the online version --- I'll post bigger pics once the hardcopies arrive.)


"I'll send you a love letter... straight from my heart, fucker! You know what a love letter is? It's a bullet... from a fucking gun, fucker! You receive a love letter from me and you're fucked forever! You understand, fucker?!"

Dennis Hopper, one of my all time favorite weirdo's... RIP. In honor of Dennis, someone should really buy me this for my birthday. For those who don't know, Mr. Hopper crushed it as a shooter, too.


Last night, shooting Andy's latest. No detials til he's ready to unleash it.


My birthday is comin' right up... just so y'all know.


7 Days.

Seth's edit from 7 Days in our lives. My life is amazing, my friends are amazing... sorry for the repost, but it was just that good.


Another icon down. Maybe you didn't like The Pistols and The Dolls? Maybe Bow Wow Wow was more your speed? Maybe you were just a huge Duck Rock fan? Maybe none of these gave you reason to respect the man? Just remember... he's also half responsible for the conception of Joe Corre, founder of Agent Provocateur --- that alone validates his existence. RIP, Malcom McLaren.


NYC Fashion Week, 2010. Spent just shy of 2 weeks in NYC last month to shoot video for Mac Cosmetics and Milk Studios... here's the first edit out. Filmed by Kalvin Lazarte, Jon Larsen and myself. Edited by Kalvin. Scope it... good times. Thanks for bringing me out, gentlemen. Let's do it again.

R.I.P. Legendary rock and roll shooter Jim Marshall. Dead at 74.


Been a minute. Just in case anyone forgot who I am or what the fuck I do.
"Three step guide to photography: 01: be interesting. 02: find interesting people. 03: find interesting places. Nothing about cameras."

- via Clayton Cubbit


Newly achieved Full Creeper status... fucking sellout.

3 years of hair farming. And like that, it was gone.


Dear New York: After nearly 2 weeks, I've left the building.


Photos of myself taking a photo always draw out my inner dorky 8 year old and generally compel me to find the frame being taken in the photo of the photo-taker. In this case, a shot of Hobbs taken in front of Love Cycles while jamming with the Bolts crew in Phoenix. Photo in photo by Andy Carter.


Andy, city sidewalk wheelstand. Another Moto Monday down... check BOLTS for more in-depth trickle-down updates.


Concrete pipes. Last week, 7am, from the window of my truck.


A gift from Heidi. Morning coffee from this mug makes the whole day taste like marshmallows.

Recently kicked out a few images of a few famous Utah snowboarding hotspots to help Nike with their Greatest Hits contest, thanks to a couple good referrals (big thanks, Blotto and Jer). Get on over to Nike's site and put in your vote --- the feature with the most votes will be recreated in Mt. Seymour's park for all those kiddies who are lacking a travel budget... get on it. HERE.


Pangea Andy jumps his rigid framed chopper. Our moto weekend in PHX crushed; more shots and details here.


“The basic idea of this contract,” he writes, “is that authors, journalists, musicians and artists are encouraged to treat the fruits of their intellects and imaginations as fragments to be given without pay to the hive mind. Reciprocity takes the form of self-promotion. Culture is to become precisely nothing but advertising.”

(Via. Found via Clayton Cubbit, who is amongst my favorite photographers.)
3AM; not sleeping. Taught Murder to wallride instead.


My little brother Nicky, fueling the plane outside Sacramento.


View from Little Cottonwood Canyon; January 10, 2009. Salt Lake City lives somewhere beneath the haze.