End Of An Error.

Geek out on that. I'm off to Portland...
Found the new scoot yesterday, via Craigslist. Hoppin' in a rented Dodge pick-'em-up in about 30 minutes... gonna drive 13 hours straight, hand over a little cash, load a bike, take a 5 hour nap in the cab, turn around and jam 13 hours straight back home...
It's been 2 months of broken-ism and bikeless-ness, but shit's about to turn.
I'll have pics for y'all as soon as I'm back... bike above is not the bike in question --- just a winner to keep y'all interested.


One Night Only:

One Night Only: October 17th.
Adam Wright and myself may not be on the poster... but I'll be there, hopefully Adam will be, and you should be, too.




Super stoked to see that Nixon has dropped it's new campaign, and even more stoked to have contributed just a little bit of what I do to it. A rad campaign, several great photos of Nixon's groundbreaker personalities, and slick vintage inspired design. I'm super-diggin' it, and glad to have contributed in some small part.
(My photo is the blue motorcycle shot of Jeremy Jones - number 3 on the middle row. Thanks to the Nixon art team and to Mr. Jones for pimpin' my shit.)


Come Get Murder.

This, my friends, is Murder She Wrote.
Murder She Wrote needs a home.
We've had her for a little over a week now. She ran into Heidi's store several nights in a row, so Heidi finally just brought her home after checking with all the houses around the store. As best as I can tell, she's probably about 5-6 months old... not the tiniest of kittens any more, but she still has a lot of growing to do. She's super cuddly and super sweet, with beautiful markings and crazy blue eyes. She's still definitely a kitty in terms of play-time --- she'll chew your toes all night long, cause she's buck wild like that, and she climbs damn near everything, regardless of wether or not it'll actually hold her weight.
We already have 3 grumpy, grown-ass cats, and they really don't like having Murder around... so, she needs to come live with you.
We have an appointment to get her fixed on Friday, so that'll be taken care of. And she's litterbox trained... not a single accident since bringin' her in.
If you need a mega-cuddler in your life, let me know. Murder can't wait to move in with ya'. If you're a weirdo who does creepy things to kittens, don't bother... we really dig her, so we wanna make sure she ends up in a good home with someone who's gonna take care of her.


Attention, Ohio!

I damn near forgot to post this up...
Tonight, Coburn Gallery at Ashland University. In fact, the opening should be in full swing right about now...
Unfortunately, I'm not there - I'm exactly 1,724 miles away from this opening. So instead, I'll be having date night with my beautiful girl --- catching some fancy (for Utah County) dinner at The Blue Lemon, then jammin' over to see Halloween II. Dinner and a movie... you say cliche, I say classic.
Anyway, if there's any Ohio readers out there, run over, check the show, and shoot off a few snaps of the opening for me! In trade, I'll shoot you some stickers and a print!


Back In The Saddle.

Yup. I'm fuckin' back.

See the post below? That trip didn't start so well.
6 weeks of painkillers, antibiotics, the inability to work, sheer fucking boredom, and dealing with insurance agents.
All because I skimped out on changing some crunchy neck bearings and didn't drop the couple hundred dollars that I should have on a frame stabilizer. Fucking retarded. Don't skimp on your scoot --- if you wanna ride it fast, make sure that shit's up to the task. How dumb would it be to die because you didn't wanna drop a hunny on a new tire? Way dumb... that's how dumb.

Anyway, I'm back from the dead. This one makes me a zombie twice over.
Lots of cool shit on the horizon, so put my gimpy ass back on your radar.

And if you wanna know more about my blood, get over to the Bolts Action blog and dig back a page or two... plenty of shit on it over there. I'm done talkin' about it for a minute.