Back, Version 2.0.

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The longest stretch I've ever endured without a motorcycle was about 4 months. After 2 months I was starting to get pretty grumpy. By 3 months I was losing my desire to live. And around 4 months Heidi demanded that I go buy one or she was done. Heidi's a champ like that.
Anyway. My new (to me) 93 HD FXR is finally off the lift and ready to roll. Ready enough, anyway... still a lot more to come. Watch for more over on the Bolts chunk of interspace.
I should be able to focus on the rest of life a little better now that I've finally got my scene back in check... I'm back, bitches.
Sorry for the absence.


The Art Of Rebellion, Round 2.

* * * * *

I was recently invited to participate in Round 2 (Round 1, here) of Harley Davidson's "Art Of Rebellion" shows, featuring fellow photographer Adam Wright of Hauler fame, and artists Frank Kozik, Tara MacPherson, Brian Ewing, The Harpoon, Derek Hess, Lindsey Kuhn, The Pizz, John Van Hamersveld, Dirty Donny and Art Chantry.

Above is a video that Vice Magazine produced of the event. Check it out. If you hold out for 2 minutes or so, you can catch the 8 seconds of my drunken interview that made the cut.

Big thanks to Terry and the rest of the HD crew for another amazing opportunity to show with another crop of amazing artists.