Hey, Brighton locs; I've got a new Nixon window ad goin' up at Brighton, the stomping grounds of the greatest shreds on the planet. Please don't spit on it as much as you do the Oakley clings. Thanks. Jeremy Jones, wallride at Nixon Jibfest 2011.


I have a small stack of prints left over from shows over the past couple months. All prints are 20x30, unmounted, and ready to be framed or hung in your garage with thumbtacks. So go snag a gift for the dirtbag in your life, or get something for yourself to hang in your big-city apartment to remind you that somewhere out there, people are livin' the dream. Go HERE to see everything that's available, or go HERE to order. Thanks.


Last Call.

This shit's tonight.
8pm-2am. The Garage, SLC. Release of my book, Get Right; DiCE Magazine issue 41 release; live music by God's Revolver and Raid... it's almost too much to fathom. Be there.


I have a book. Release party: tomorrow, Saturday Nov. 19th at The Garage... 1199 North Beck St. in SLC, Utah. 8pm-2am. Be there. Whatever's left will be for sale on Bolts Action some time next week...


My little brother is awesome. Now you can share him with me by watching his sweet ass on The Discovery Channel's Flying Wild Alaska. Check his show-bio here.


DiCE Magazine, Bolts//Action and my book release, all rolled into one mega-party. Serious rock and roll to be provided by none other than God's Revolver. November 17. Salt Lake City. Fuck yeah. I guess I better finish this book.

Powder & Rails Special: The Nixon JibFest from Nixon on Vimeo.

Nixon Jibfest Powder & Rails from Vice Magazine, episode 1.

Nixon Jibfest Powder & Rails from Vice Magazine, episode 2.

Nixon Jibfest Powder & Rails from Vice Magazine, episode 3.

Back in April I had the opportunity to shoot the return of The Nixon Jibfest. Finally, all the work everyone put in is being released for y'alls eyeballs. Check more at NixonNow.com/Jibfest. Huge thanks to Nixon for letting me be a part of the return of the legend.
In an effort to boost productivity, I've been internet free here in the office for 6 or 7 weeks now. I just brought it back, and my feelings on the matter are definitely mixed. Fuck it.


Been home from NY Fashion Week for a minute. Posts are starting to drop... scope MilkMADE for some, and more on my Tumblr. There's a lot more on deck, so keep your eyeballs peeled.


Alexander Wang. Last night at his after party. Scope more on MilkMade.com.


Bikes Of Bolts, Installment II: Jeremy Jones.
My friends are fucking amazing. Watch til the end.
Video by Seth Huot.


Giant wooden baby and tractor cutout in a field off the freeway. Outside Phoenix. Shot from the back of the Nixon van.


RIDDEN :: Photographs from the road. Show opens Friday. God's Revolver at 10. Guaranteed to make at least a few wonder when I got so fucking boring.


My show RIDDEN will be opening at FiCE Gallery this Friday, the 19th. 160 East 200 South, downtown SLC. Opening reception starts at 7, live music by God's Revolver at 10. I'd love to see y'all there. Thanks.


31 prints from 31 SLC based photographers. Tonight, July 29th. If you're downtown SLC, swing in... I'll be gettin' my brown-bag on around 8:30, most likely.


LNP at Nixon Jibfest 2011. After 8 years MIA, it's back. Full stories will start dropping soon, and all these sleepless nights will finally bear fruit.
Jer and Seth, WWF gainer steez in the Tetons, last weekend (<-click that). More on BOLTS.
Jer, Logan Skatepark. Last weekend.
Nobody notices when the photographer is being awesome. Rare action shot of me, by Jeremy Jones.


Last night, my front yard.
Dear New York photo-hip-kids who can't comprehend why I live in Utah: This is why.
Quality Of Life + Perpetual Beauty > Hip Parties + Money + Views of Pigeons and Human Feces.


America, Fuck Yeah. Somewhere in rural central Utah, last week.


Karaoke And Prostitutes. Phoenix.

Like peanut butter and jelly.
The greatest night of Karaoke of anyone's life, ever?
The Great Film Purge continues.

I have a black bag in my office that's stuffed full of hundreds of rolls of film, all of them shot and long since forgotten about. Some are weeks old, some might be a decade old... I really don't know yet. Today I started grabbing at random and running 'em through chemical at the cheapest grocery store photo lab I could find. Stay tuned.


Keep your arms inside the ride at all times... Blotto's driving. Nixon Jibfest, after hours. Full story coming soon.


Milk Studios recently posted a spotlight on me and my work on their Milk Made site. Possibly the best birthday present ever. And to think, the first season I shot Fashion Week with them, I got hassled by security for looking like a hobo... earned respect feels so much more satisfying than the free shit. Thanks, Milk. I love y'all. (Click here to check it.)


After 3 weeks of solid road-work, this was "the work-cation". I promise, it's more entertaining than watching your aunt's slide show of the cheese factory.
Playa De Laura RV Park. San Felipe, Baja, Mexico.


Dentist's office, San Felipe, Mexico. Nosotros no vende cepillos de dientes.