31 prints from 31 SLC based photographers. Tonight, July 29th. If you're downtown SLC, swing in... I'll be gettin' my brown-bag on around 8:30, most likely.


LNP at Nixon Jibfest 2011. After 8 years MIA, it's back. Full stories will start dropping soon, and all these sleepless nights will finally bear fruit.
Jer and Seth, WWF gainer steez in the Tetons, last weekend (<-click that). More on BOLTS.
Jer, Logan Skatepark. Last weekend.
Nobody notices when the photographer is being awesome. Rare action shot of me, by Jeremy Jones.


Last night, my front yard.
Dear New York photo-hip-kids who can't comprehend why I live in Utah: This is why.
Quality Of Life + Perpetual Beauty > Hip Parties + Money + Views of Pigeons and Human Feces.


America, Fuck Yeah. Somewhere in rural central Utah, last week.