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Came back from a job in Canada just long enough to learn I'd lost my part-time gig, change my oil, and get back out on the road... this time to the Hippykiller Hoedown in Hemet, CA, then the Biltwell Bash at Lake Skinner.  Good crew, good pace, good times.  Thanks to Hobbs and Drea for sharing hotel rooms, to Queen and Aja for bein' giant pumpkins, and to Derrick for snoring louder than me so I could slip under the radar.


Office Space.

So. A no-photo post. Which means that I know nobody's gonna waste any time readin' it.
Spent a few days in Calgary, got home just long enough to lose my office space, then hit the road with Hobbs, Queen, their girls, and a few randoms... I'm not gonna go into detail til the Mac De Los Muertos is back on it's feet and I can post some photos to go along with it... until then, check out the details at Hobbs little space - blackallday.blogspot.com. All I'm gonna say is it was a killer jam, and I can't wait to get back out on the road.
In the meantime, I'm lookin' for new office space.
If you know of any awesome space, LET ME KNOW. Otherwise, I'll be camped out with the meth heads outside the plasma center, tryin' to steal free wireless on the 6 year old Dell laptop. No fuckin' good, man.


Cake and smokes.

Holy shit, my chick is fucking hilarious.
Yesterday I left for a 20 hour day in a pretty shitty mood.  I walked in around 2am this morning, and Heidi was still up, waiting like a kid at Christmas to give me this cake she'd made to cheer me up... "because you love to smoke, and you like cake!"
Lord Thunderin' Jesus, she fucking nailed it.  I love my girl.


Run, rabbit.

2,000 portraits in 6 days. 
1,000 subjects, 2 different lighting scenarios for each.
4 cities, 2 countries, one continent.  I have a blister forming on my forehead from pressing the camera against it.  Not joking.

Catching a much needed smoke somewhere in the Utah desert.  Photo by Weston - thanks for the help today, Cowboy.
2 days deep, 4 to go.  No sleep til Brooklyn.