Yesterday, Utah County. I failed and didn't take a "real" camera for fear of fuckin' it up before my road trip with Goldcoast tomorrow. I did my damnedest to catch what I could with my iPhone, though. Scope the whole iPhone camera story HERE.


My friend Jesse, a rambler with better stories than most can tell first-hand. I convinced him to spend a few days in Utah last week --- somewhere in the midst we were able to kick out a few quick frames: HERE


Last month Dan Christofferson and I had the idea to collaborate on a print piece. A week later, this is what we had in our hands. VGBND, a collaborative photo journal.

- Only 100 Printed. When they're gone, they're gone -

Buy one HERE


New Site...

I've been working on a new site, and finally I'm able to do it under my own name instead of the blacklistVISUAL moniker. It's been live for a minute, but I wasn't feeling ready to officially call it launched yet. Somehow, though, it appears word is out --- Google analytics is showing a 587% increase in traffic over the past few days... so, I might as well call it real. Check it out, gimme your thoughts, forward it to everyone who should hire me, and bookmark it --- there's a lot of new shit in the works. (If you're a fan of the old site, no worries --- it'll stick around a while. But the new site finally gives me the control to update on a whim, so that's where the future lies...)


"Who The Fuck Is Steven Stone?" Who the fuck cares, really. This is what happens when we should be sleeping at Milk Fashion Week.
Jenna as me. Check a much more complete batch of photos over at Icono's blog.


From Jared Leto's blog... "Just living every high school girl's dream, taking selfies with Steven Stone --- no big deal".
No big deal. Or truth.