My little brother is a fucking badass. He came out of the Air Force a few years back after a 6 year stint turning wrenches on C-5's and C-17's. As soon as he was discharged, he scored a job as a bushpilot in Alaska, delivering pizzas, medicine, or whatever else to towns like that one in 30 Days Of Night. The company he works for is now being featured on The Discovery Channel's new show, Flying Wild Alaska, premiering tonight. Tune in... I love that little fucker.


Two good friends, both amongst 8 of the best snowboarders on the planet invited to compete in ESPN's video-only X-games competition - "Real Snow" - where they were asked to produce a one minute video segment during the early season... go check the videos. And vote. I hope to see both my homies in the final bracket, at which point I'll stand back and let the kids decide.
Check it out HERE.