Back In The Saddle.

Yup. I'm fuckin' back.

See the post below? That trip didn't start so well.
6 weeks of painkillers, antibiotics, the inability to work, sheer fucking boredom, and dealing with insurance agents.
All because I skimped out on changing some crunchy neck bearings and didn't drop the couple hundred dollars that I should have on a frame stabilizer. Fucking retarded. Don't skimp on your scoot --- if you wanna ride it fast, make sure that shit's up to the task. How dumb would it be to die because you didn't wanna drop a hunny on a new tire? Way dumb... that's how dumb.

Anyway, I'm back from the dead. This one makes me a zombie twice over.
Lots of cool shit on the horizon, so put my gimpy ass back on your radar.

And if you wanna know more about my blood, get over to the Bolts Action blog and dig back a page or two... plenty of shit on it over there. I'm done talkin' about it for a minute.


TRJJ said...

Yes Dude!! Ruling!

TRJJ said...

Oh yeah... Minus the saddle, sorry dude! had to!