All systems fail.

The experiment seems to be failing thus far.  

But I'll try better.  Maybe.

Jac and I take off tomorrow on our whirlwind tour to places we've never been.  In a matter of hours, we'll be jettin' off for an all-expenses-paid vacation (work) in the luxurious, all-inclusive Motel 6 resort and casino in exotic  Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  

I look forward to meeting some Yinzers.

In the meantime, here's a reason I like it better in Utah.


Weston Colton Photo said...

The way this thing works is you post photos, and then people look at them and leave wonderful insights...like: "Wow, those clouds are amazing! I love Utah too!"
You need more photos for the experiment to work. You can post anything you want. People don't care, they just want NEW photos to look at. Enjoy Pennsylvania. Take a photo of some Amish folk, you know "for the blog."

Logan said...

I asked google. Apparently there are clouds in Pitts, PA too.