Everybody Needs One.

The new (used) Ninja has been gettin' put through the paces, for sure... gotta know what she's capable of.  And, thanks to rigorous scientific research, we now know that she'll do at least 95 on the freeway before the fairing feels like it's gonna blow off; she will burnout; she'll lean pretty decent (although she needs fresh rubber before we'll really know exactly how low she'll go); and, given the proper coaxing, she will stand up.
Unfortunately, however, testing may have to cease for now.  After seeing the shots from Friday night's "research session", Heidi has informed me that neither Sean nor myself are allowed to ride her bike any more.
I think Sean and I are both thinking we might just need to get our own... for being a dirt-cheap 250cc twin, pushing around 28 horses, this scoot is fucking FUN.

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