Doctor Stone.

I pretty much scored in the little-brother's department.  I've got 2 of 'em... both are total badasses.
To be honest, though, I kinda hated this kid growing up.  He was always making lists and being lame.  But he's turned out to be a serious badass.
He rolled into town with his rad little family on Thursday for his graduation from the University of Utah.  Despite your urge to call him Harry Potter, I strongly suggest you refer to him as Dr. Stone now.
Chris, despite all my shit-talking on higher education, I'm super proud of you, duder.  You killed it.



ambsace said...

last time i checked you've got three little brothers you fucking gimpdick ratfuck.

Stone said...

Oh... yeah. I love you, too. You just moved so far away, Cousin-Little-Brother-Guy.

Nigel said...

Doctor of what?

p.s. word verification is "tutgly", I'm gonna go make a list of possible definitions, i.e. adjective referring to especially ugly mummies...