El Masterpiece de los Renaissance.

* * * * *
Heidi and I are back from New York City. We did what we could for them... the rest is in their hands.
Full write up on the show, the shenanigans, and the degradation... (second)coming soon.


jac said...

That shot is so fucking great.

ambsace said...

it's pretty much pefect. and now sits as my desktop background. fuck, i miss you guys.

jonlarsen said...

fuckin new york. i cant believe we broke down on the way to one of the most anticipated shows of the tour. fuck that.

Logan Tanner said...

Modern rendition of The Pieta by Michaelangelo.
Love the subliminal Virgin Music sign in the background playing off the Virgin Heidi. She is a virgin right? Otherwise this interpretation of mine is shot.