A while back I had the opportunity to shoot portraits of snowboarder Jeremy Jones for Pleasure Magazine out of Germany. This was my first shoot back to work after the accident. It was a long, late shoot, and none of the shots that we went out planning to get were happening - seemed to be gettin' shut down at every location I'd planned for one reason or another. But Jeremy's no rookie, and he knows what it takes to get the shot, so we pushed through and made it up as we went. I'm pretty stoked on what we got. The issue dropped in Europe yesterday, I believe. I don't know if it's possible to find an issue in the states, so here's your chance to break out the German-English dictionary and find out what the most progressive snowboarder alive had to say to the euros. Get into it. It always feels rad to see my shit in print... never gets old.
Action shots were handled by the guys who do that shit best --- Dean Blotto Gray, Andy Wright, Mark Welsh, and Pasi Salminen. Stoked to share space with those names, for sure.
Thanks, Jer.


ambsace said...

cool shit, man, looks good.

i'm actually surprised how much i understand by skimming over it. i haven't had anything to do with my german since high school.

Weston Colton Photo said...

The shots look great. The phone booth and inside the truck cab are my favorites. Between the headlights is rad too. You're right, it's awesome seeing your stuff in print.

Forrest said...

Great shots!