That magical time of year when the snow melts off and reveals all the rotting piles in my yard.
Every spring I hope to make some headway on 'em... never happens.
But I'm optimistic.
This year's goals, aside from shooting a whole new slew of personal projects and gathering hundreds of new clients:

  1... Teach myself to paint fancy flake panel jobs and lay down gold leaf details.  I've got at least a dozen helmets waiting to practice on...


2... Heidi's Cafe.  I picked up this little CB350 late last fall with the intent of building Heidi a sweet little racer.  As soon as the Sporty is done, this guy's got next-ups on the lift. 


3... My Z.  I love this car.  She's been off the road for a little over 2 years now... Heidi had a little incident with a cement post, then I had a hangover jump-start scenario that fried the wiring harness.  She needs new suspension, steering rods, a fresh wiring harness, and a whole lotta cosmetic love.  This is the least likely project to get done, but probably one of the most desired... just way too much work.  But damn I love this car.

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Dillon Thompson said...

Damn shame to see it like this. It's still bad ass.