Dia de los muertos.

March 18, 2007.  The day I wrecked my motorcycle, wide open in 5th gear, no helmet.  Today makes 2 years.  1 fractured neck (T1), 1  broken collarbone (lengthwise), 1 shattered shoulder blade, 3 broken ribs, 1 broken wrist, 1 broken ankle, 1 smashed-to-hell chopper, no medical insurance, tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills for a 1 night stay in the emergency room, a $3,000 settlement from Progressive.  No surgery... poor people aren't worth fixing.
I walked away, and I'm pretty stoked about that fact 2 years later.  Even knowing that next time I buy a suit, it'll need to be tailored to accommodate the 2 inch sag of my right shoulder.


Anna said...

I think we're all pretty stoked that you walked away from that one. Pretty amazing.

Treats said...

Glad you are still around Mr. Stone.

As the age old adage goes, "Sometimes You gotta pay the cost to be the boss"

derek Mc said...

damn, that's a rad story to tell and still be alive.