No sleep til Brooklyn.

So the Santa Monica show is  about 40 hours away now.
In those 40 hours I still need to get out of this damn office, get home, gather my shit, pick up the rental car, drive 700 miles, find a hotel, and then - at long last - get to drinkin' some beer.
I haven't slept more than about 4 hours per night in at least 10 days...  been busy.
BUT.  It's been productive -- on top of doing what's been necessary to keep client work (mostly) on time, I've also FINALLY gotten around to doing some branding for myself...
- New portfolios.
- New business cards.
- New postcards.
And here's the real kicker...
- New website.
I've formatted hundreds of photos, done my part for gettin' the layout and navigation dialed, and been told by the web-guy that I should have somethin' live by Saturday afternoon.  If you know anything of my history with websites, then you know you probably shouldn't hold your breath.  But I'm trying to be optimistic.  
And, worst case scenario, the saint Jory Dayne has offered to at least whip up a slideshow pro version if the other cat can't catch the train.
So I should be pretty much set to do my schmoozin', come Saturday Night... 

Finish coat for the portfolio pages... photo by Jac Scott.

And here's a little sneak peek of the new branding... get into it.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who's tossed in and given me a hand this past week - y'all kick ass.


jon said...

i'm sick of your shit being too amazing. fuck you. burn in hell. yeah...

Matthew said...

I'm loving the site and branding, yes yes ya'll, and ya don't stop!