Later than your girlfriend.

This post is comin' at ya' way late, but whatever.
Last week's storm brought in 21" at Sundance, arguably the worst mountain in Utah.
But I have a pass there.  I justify this with the fact that I can be out my front door and on a chairlift in 15 minutes, no foolin'.
So when the last storm dumped a freak amount of snow at The Dance, Jac and I were quick to get on it...
Jac used my G9 and snapped a couple of me goin' for some cab mutes off the only decent cat-tracks on the mountain... this resort is so bad/small/dry that I've never even bothered givin' tricky names to the lap runs.  Anyway, I finally got around to giving 'em a little post-love --- gotta hide that weird G9 colorcast.

Cab Mute on the first cat...

Followed by the same cab mute on the second cat.  Apparently, cab mutes are the only trick left in my shallow bag of "tricks".

And, having taken the day off, I didn't take any shots of Jac ridin'.  But here he is lookin' vato-loco at the base.


jon said...

i want to do cab mutes with you. fucker.

Weston Colton Photo said...

yeah, the g10 seems to have a cast too.