Triple stoked... a little progress, finally.

Due to the recent surge in my work flow, I've had a total of exactly 13 minutes and 56 seconds to work on anything besides planning, shooting, or editing.
As a result, the Sporty has been down for waaaay too long. 
And, although I love the bagger for doing what it does, I'm kind of embarrassed to be seen on it - It's built for the 60-years-plus crowd who want to reclaim the rebellious youth they never had by feeling the wind in what's left of their glistening white hair while avoiding the bugs behind their tinted lexan windscreens.  Granted, I logged the most comfortable 8 thousand motorcycle-miles of my life on that bike this summer, but I really don't want to pull it out for less than 1,500 miles ever again.
Because the Sporty is where the fun lives.
I finally made it over to my good friend Sean's shop (Grim Cycle Salvage/Grim Metal Worx). 
The Sport-o still needs the rear fender hung, a sissy bar bent up, about 4 million tabs and standoffs, new tunnel, filler cap, petcock dumped out the side, and some engine work.  If you hire me and pay me ridiculous amounts of money, she'll be running an S&S hot Sporty kit... otherwise, she'll just be getting new gaskets and a little freshening up where needed. 
Being the incredibly bright fool I am, I decided I needed to cut a few inches out of an already way too small tank.  So, rather than getting the 90 miles to a tank I used to get, I'll now probably get 45 miles between stops.  Good thinking, me... you're a real smart guy - that's gonna prove to be really awesome on those flat-out desert hauls you love so much.
Hopefully Sean can help save my ass on this one.... since he is my official ass-saver.

Here I am, moments before lighting my shirt on fire and burning all the hair off my nipples...

And here's a sneak-peak at what her uber-chic spring 2009 runway look will be...

I'm really hoping to have her ready to run by the end of January... she needs to be good to go for super-top secret early February plans... more details on that as they become available.  Or maybe not.


ambsace said...

lookin' pretty good there, cap'n.

Bolts said...

Yeah Steven!

Nigel said...

bee-yu-tee-ful. Will she still be the brown bat?

p.s. word verification is "comod", since the e is silent, I'm willing to call it comode...