Christmas is definitely not my favorite holiday.  
But there is an upside to this time of year.
My good friend Hyrum's parents moved about 15 miles away from me a few years back.
For the last few years, Hyrum and his lovely wife Pegah have made the trek from sunny LA to dirty Northern Utah to get down for some Christmas love.
And this is a fantastic thing.
This means that at least once a year I can look forward to a night of drunken bullshitting in my living room with Hyrum, Pegs, and Heidi, because it's usually too cold and shitty to go anywhere else.
And last night was no exception.
Drunken consumption for the sake of consuming, questionable stories of fear and loathing, and impromptu photo shoots utilizing high powered handguns and dirt-cheap beer are quickly becoming the norm.

Hyrum, I love ya', brother.
See you in February.  Your hood, same rules.

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zbruns said...

I still have dreams about the Kimber. That shit is buttery smooth death.