God's Revolver.

I just walked in from the Bolts Action ONWARD WESTWARD jam... so much awesome, but you'll have to wait a minute for more...
But I wanted to jump in and let y'all know that my favorite rockers in my favorite band full of rockers were listed last week as MAGNET MAGAZINE'S BEST OF 2008: HARD ROCK... go read it, then buy their debut album.  It's on iTunes.  You fucking NEED it.
I met up with Little Jonny Larsen the night before I took off outta town, and he told me the news over a couple cigarettes and PBR's, then hooked me up with the early cuts of their new album, due out in a few months...
I jammed the album on the iPod for a few stretches of long and lonely desert highways, and, even though the cuts I got were super rough, some sans vocals even, I promise you this:  You will not be disappointed.  These kids fucking KILL IT, and they're about to box your ears with God's Dick.  
And you're going to thank them for it.
And, for those followers amongst you, yes... it's probably the image that I shot of them that pushed them over into Best Of 08 status.  Or maybe not... maybe it's just that they fucking rock.