I'm pretty sure that at one point or another after starting this blog, I promised someone that they'd never have to look at photos of my kids.
That's an easy promise to keep, as I have no kids.  But I promised nothing about my cats.
I was just checkin' Seth's blog and it turns out that he, too, is a kitty lover...
Hi.  My name is Steven, and I love cats.  
Heidi and I have 3 --- 2 brothers - Sheriff Harry S. Truman and Indian Larry, who have been hangin' out for about 5 years now - and Seymour Monstertruck, the runt from a neighborhood stray who got knocked up about 2 years ago.  
We live in a pretty low-key, low-traffic area, so our boys spend a lot of time outside.  They own the street, for sure, and they're such efficient killers that I almost feel bad about how many dead things they leave on my porch... sometimes there'll be 2 bodies in a day.
Over the last couple years Heidi and I have had somewhere in the range of 25 kittens through our house - we take in litters when the neighborhood strays pop 'em out and make sure that they all find a good home...
I love cats.
Thanks, Seth, for standing up and declaring your feline affections... I know how it is, defending your kitty love when you hang out with rottweiler-macho dudes.

Sheriff Harry S. Truman gettin' down with some soy milk.  He's much fatter now.

Indian Larry and an unlucky rodent.  I watched him play with this poor guy for an hour before he finally got bored, left him twitching and took off after some birds.

Seymour Monstertruck... notice the cast?  At about 6 months old this kid came home with a broken leg... no idea how he did it, but he has an affinity for tall trees.  My theory involves him takin' a dive outta the 30 footer in my front yard, because he kept getting stuck in it during the weeks preceding this accident.  Anyway, this guy is so sweet (for a killer) that when they heard about it, friends from all over ponied up and doled out almost 2 thousand dollars(!) to help pay for this guy's surgery so he didn't have to deal with gettin' his back leg lopped off.  Absolute insanity... it takes a pretty sweet face to pull off a caper like that.

My family, last year's Christmas card photo.

Of all the stray's we've brought in and found homes for, we've only lost one.  We gave him the best send-off we could.  RIP, Cap'n Cousteau.


Strider Diem said...

In a recent (the) Skateboard Mag Dave Carnie expesses the importance of naming a cat and makes a list of cat names: Catchup and Mustard, Purrrl Onions, Kitty Litter Carl, Billy Part Goat, Hit Paws, Nel the Fartin' Starfish, Great Cat Less Filling, Bounty the Dog Hunter, Sleep Flat Barbequat, Pay Palico, Always Barfing Barney, Never Not Barfing Nancy, Puke Skywalker, Same But Different the Every Cat, Meowissey, Meowddona the Material Cat, Stuck Up Shit Bitch, Toungue Bath Terry, Adolf Kitler, KITTYKITTYKITTYKITTY, Catatonic Tony the Tonic Cat, Floor Mop Phillip the Fourth...and he goes on and on.

seth said...

Hell Yeah!!