Scoped the new soon-to-be-office-slash-studio this afternoon. It comes with free scavengers --- stoked.


Been in NYC for two weeks running a camera for a documentary project based around NY Fashion Week. Eventually I'll get around to posting some of that. For now, I can't think of a better way to be welcomed back to Utah than 2 feet of fresh and a dixie-cup overpass-greeting intended for someone else. Thanks... it's good to be back.


Dear Film Loving Hipsters; I'm packing for Fashion Week... all this, or one 5D MKII?
(I'm a fool, it all goes. On the right, the reason I don't shoot much film these days - it just takes up space in my cheese drawer. Your AE-1 Program don't impress me much. Not pictured, the Hassie... Jac just borrowed it.)


Wow, it's already that time again. The most fashionable of all weeks commences shortly... stay tuned for the documentation.