Sorry for another bike post - I know this blog should probably focus more on my photo work and  not my ridiculous hobbies.  And yes, I probably neglected photo-related projects that I know I'm behind on. 
But she's so close I can taste it.
And regular people take weekends off, so why shouldn't I do the same?  At least once in a while...

Pulled her off the lift for a minute to do some super-high-tech eyeballing, placed a few things, made a few calls, and she's back up on the table now to start the long process of getting everything finalized...
So close.



I got a call from my good friend Jacob in Chicago last night asking if I'd seen the new Juxtapoz Magazine... I had to admit that I don't read it too often these days, so no - I hadn't.  But he fed my vanity and gave me reason to go pick up a copy for myself, and one for my mom.  She gets so proud of me for crap like this.  Anyway, April issue, damn near the last page: my drunken, defeated lookin' face.  Check it out.


Live Undead.

2 years of no chop sucks.  Rolling a bagger gets embarrassing.  
So here's how she sits as of this very moment... getting closer.  She almost looks like a motorcycle again.  Bike night tonight... she's getting close.  PS.  I need $2500 to buy an S&S top end kit... so somebody hire me - I'll give you the $2500 a day/rate if you do it today (so I can order  it tomorrow)...


Dia de los muertos.

March 18, 2007.  The day I wrecked my motorcycle, wide open in 5th gear, no helmet.  Today makes 2 years.  1 fractured neck (T1), 1  broken collarbone (lengthwise), 1 shattered shoulder blade, 3 broken ribs, 1 broken wrist, 1 broken ankle, 1 smashed-to-hell chopper, no medical insurance, tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills for a 1 night stay in the emergency room, a $3,000 settlement from Progressive.  No surgery... poor people aren't worth fixing.
I walked away, and I'm pretty stoked about that fact 2 years later.  Even knowing that next time I buy a suit, it'll need to be tailored to accommodate the 2 inch sag of my right shoulder.



That magical time of year when the snow melts off and reveals all the rotting piles in my yard.
Every spring I hope to make some headway on 'em... never happens.
But I'm optimistic.
This year's goals, aside from shooting a whole new slew of personal projects and gathering hundreds of new clients:

  1... Teach myself to paint fancy flake panel jobs and lay down gold leaf details.  I've got at least a dozen helmets waiting to practice on...


2... Heidi's Cafe.  I picked up this little CB350 late last fall with the intent of building Heidi a sweet little racer.  As soon as the Sporty is done, this guy's got next-ups on the lift. 


3... My Z.  I love this car.  She's been off the road for a little over 2 years now... Heidi had a little incident with a cement post, then I had a hangover jump-start scenario that fried the wiring harness.  She needs new suspension, steering rods, a fresh wiring harness, and a whole lotta cosmetic love.  This is the least likely project to get done, but probably one of the most desired... just way too much work.  But damn I love this car.



Shot a story on a local fire academy on Friday - these dudes work way harder than you to make way less than you.  I don't know what the actual statistics are on death and injury for these guys, but I've definitely got a new respect for 'em... it gets hot in there.



One of my four motorcycles, shot with one of my dozen-or-so cameras, loaded into the back of my only 4-wheeled vehicle... which I share with Heidi.

This should have been ready for spring months ago.  But, as with everything else that doesn't pay me money, it's been put off til the last minute.  Whatever.  New tubes and tires, fresh re-jet, new fork seals and a few other goodies are on the way for this guy...