Apparently I'm not famous enough to get my name listed on the poster.
But I'm over it.
February 7th.
One night only.
11 amazing artists, 11 custom painted Sportster tanks being auctioned off by people with names that matter.
Oh, and my photos on the walls.
Get into it...
If I don't hate you, I hope you're there.

Learn more where the press is talkin' about it...



I'm pretty sure that at one point or another after starting this blog, I promised someone that they'd never have to look at photos of my kids.
That's an easy promise to keep, as I have no kids.  But I promised nothing about my cats.
I was just checkin' Seth's blog and it turns out that he, too, is a kitty lover...
Hi.  My name is Steven, and I love cats.  
Heidi and I have 3 --- 2 brothers - Sheriff Harry S. Truman and Indian Larry, who have been hangin' out for about 5 years now - and Seymour Monstertruck, the runt from a neighborhood stray who got knocked up about 2 years ago.  
We live in a pretty low-key, low-traffic area, so our boys spend a lot of time outside.  They own the street, for sure, and they're such efficient killers that I almost feel bad about how many dead things they leave on my porch... sometimes there'll be 2 bodies in a day.
Over the last couple years Heidi and I have had somewhere in the range of 25 kittens through our house - we take in litters when the neighborhood strays pop 'em out and make sure that they all find a good home...
I love cats.
Thanks, Seth, for standing up and declaring your feline affections... I know how it is, defending your kitty love when you hang out with rottweiler-macho dudes.

Sheriff Harry S. Truman gettin' down with some soy milk.  He's much fatter now.

Indian Larry and an unlucky rodent.  I watched him play with this poor guy for an hour before he finally got bored, left him twitching and took off after some birds.

Seymour Monstertruck... notice the cast?  At about 6 months old this kid came home with a broken leg... no idea how he did it, but he has an affinity for tall trees.  My theory involves him takin' a dive outta the 30 footer in my front yard, because he kept getting stuck in it during the weeks preceding this accident.  Anyway, this guy is so sweet (for a killer) that when they heard about it, friends from all over ponied up and doled out almost 2 thousand dollars(!) to help pay for this guy's surgery so he didn't have to deal with gettin' his back leg lopped off.  Absolute insanity... it takes a pretty sweet face to pull off a caper like that.

My family, last year's Christmas card photo.

Of all the stray's we've brought in and found homes for, we've only lost one.  We gave him the best send-off we could.  RIP, Cap'n Cousteau.



I lose.
Today was full of all kinds of bizarre retardation --- of course, I had no camera to capture any of it.
First, I'm broke.  I spent all my money on new equipment.  As a result, I'm still sharing my pickup with my girl.  When our schedules don't line up (which they rarely do) I end up rollin' the bus.
On today's bus adventure, the driver ran a red light and ended up taking out 3 cars.  I was in a hurry, so I hopped out the back doors and got to walkin'... no time for tom foolery.
Of course, my cameras were all in my office.
So I go about my day, and Jac and I end up needing to run to south Provo for some reason or another... en route, Jac shouts "Holy shit, we need to help that lady!"  I had no idea what he was talking about, but when he flipped his u-turn, I saw it --- some lady had tried to jump an iceberg in her jazzy chair, it didn't work, and she was laying face down in the gutter with her chair on top of her.  I jumped out of Jac's Jeep and ran back while he parked it...
"Are you okay?!"
Blank stare.  Remember, she's cheek to the street.  This is funny.
"What can I do?"
Still, no response.
"We need to get you out of the street... is it okay if I move you?"
Her eyes are blinking, she's looking at me, but she's not saying a word.
By now another car had pulled up, and Jac was running up.
Anyway, long story short, she was obviously missing a few crucial mental connections.  She just mumbled something about going to D.I. to see her sister, so we picked her up, righted her chair, collected the hundreds of band-aids she'd spilled all over the street, and followed her with our hazards on until she was safely in the D.I. parking lot...
Hilarious in such a non-PC way.
Again, cameras were all in the office.
I lose.
So here's a few unusable shots from last week that have nothing to do with anything.

Scotty.  The Bird.  Wind.

Laura, goin' for the slasher on the worst pow ever.  The sun and wind are bad for fluff.

Scotty has a super-smooth switch back 1.  Too bad this one was too small to make a worthwhile shot.  Don't worry, though - he's a trooper.  He hiked back up and charged it faster, but y'all don't get to see that one yet.



...coming soon.
Between shooting in Cancun, shooting a billboard at The Bird, shooting whatever shred I can fit in, trying to get prepped for the super-top-secret Santa Monica show, and dealing with a gila monster sized tumor of a sinus infection growing behind my left eye (antibiotics for 20 days... no beer, for real?!), I haven't had time to get anything new posted-up for all 3 of y'all who actually check this thing.
But they're coming... I promise.
While you wait, here's a shot from yesterday ---  Andrew and Scotty destroying their drop-in while Rosco P. Coltrane dutifully watches, ensuring that no more heinous "vandalism" goes on... not on his watch.

At least there were no tickets handed out... 



Hey, y'all...
Just got back from Cancun - I'll whine about that later.
For now, get over to Jeremy Jones' website, theRealJeremyJones.com and check out the interview he did with me a week or two back.  Very cool of him... thanks, Jeremy.


You say cliche, I say classic.

The rail gardens are one of the most played-out spots in Utah.
I won't even try to deny it.  
They've been in damn near every snowboard movie since Decade... or, at least that's what I'm told.  I don't keep up too much these days... I just have fun shredding when I can.
Got a call from some friends yesterday, so I scrounged up a vehicle (my truck shit-the-bed again), grabbed a bit of equipment, and headed north for the rail gardens.
They may be played, but that doesn't make them any less fun.

Jay Rueben gettin' all flexy on the 16 stair.  Dig it.